You and your thermometer can make a difference!

Let's come together and share our daily temperatures and help restart the economy.

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We ask your age range to qualify the temperature you record. 98°F has different implications for young adults vs. senior citizens

You must share your location to use this service (see data privacy)

How it works

Using a virtual thermometer


Request a virtual thermometer from


Bookmark the virtual thermometer for easier daily use


Take your temperature with your physical thermometer and record it in the virtual one


Researchers analyze the virtual thermometer data to better model the spread of the virus


Governments better deploy their limited resources to serve their citizens and contain the virus

Why participate

An elevated temperature can be an indicator that your body is fighting off an infection. Some people contract COVID-19 but never know they have it, because other than a minor increase in temperature, they never show any other symptoms. As we gear up to restart the ecomomy a critical requirement for all employers is to take precautions, and central to that is taking employee temperatures every day. By copying your temperature from your physical thermometer into a virtual thermometer using this site, you will not only be following the guidelines necessary to get back to work, you will be contributing your temperature to build a national real-time dataset that will help researchers track and combat the spread of COVID-19. We do this while maintaining your privacy, and you only need a web browser on your smartphone or computer and an existing thermometer to participate.

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Data Privacy Questions

We only store and share anonymized data

Privacy is important to all of us. The goal of this site is to collect only the information needed to model where the virus is and how it's spreading. We've taken steps to maintain your privacy if you record your temperature with a virtual thermometer.

Why should I share my current location?

We ask for your phone or computer's location but do not record it exactly as it's provided. Instead we adjust the location to obscure your identity while still being valuable for researchers.

Can anyone see my virtual thermometer?

The only way someone can view your virtual thermometer and your temperature history is with the link generated for you by TrackMyTemp, and you have the only copy either bookmarked in your browser or printed as a QR Code. As long as you're the only one with the link, you'll be the only person who can see it.

How do you publish collected data?

The temperature data you and others share is anonymized before it's provided to researchers. This ensures that nothing can personally identify you in the published datasets.